Shanghai Qingcongquan training Center For children With Special Needs
No.168 HaMi Rd.Shanghai,China

    Our mission: To help autistic children become independent

    Our vision: To help autistic children integrate into society and live a happy and dignity life

    Our values: understand, respect, acceptance, love , persistence, responsibility  

Shanghai QingCongquan Training Center for Children with Special Needs was founded in October 2004. It is a non-profit private organization which provides professional rehabilitation training and coaching to the children and their family who suffer from Autism .It is also a 4-A level social organization in recognition of social organization standardization. It has been recognized as one of the Top-10 most influencing commonweal projects by the Shanghai municipal government in 2010. Our basic education concepts are “understand, respect, acceptance, love , persistence, responsibility”We provide professional early-stage rehabilitation training, such as children Sensory Integration, ABA personal training, TEACCH,picture exchange communication system,music and game therapy, social story, etc. We care special child’s family, actively develop the communication activities with the parents, provide long-term psychological supports to the family. We also organize different kinds of social welfare activities with the vision to help autistic children integrate into society and live a happy and dignity life.Such activities include organizing volunteers to participate the caring activities towards the children who suffer from Autism; calling the society to pay more attention to Autism.

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