Brief Introduction

Ⅰ, Brief Introduction


Shanghai QingCongquan Training Center for Children with Special Needs was founded in October 2004. It is a non-profit private organization which provides professional rehabilitation training and coaching to the children and their family who suffer from Autism .It is also a 5-A level social organization in recognition of social organization standardization. It has been recognized as one of the Top-10 most influencing commonweal projects by the Shanghai municipal government in 2010.2015 year Shanghai Women"s Children and Family welfare service creative contest prize. Our basic education concepts are “understand, respect, acceptance, love , persistence, responsibility”We provide professional early-stage rehabilitation training, such as children Sensory Integration, ABA personal training, TEACCH,picture exchange communication system,music and game therapy, social story, etc. We care special child’s family, actively develop the communication activities with the parents, provide long-term psychological supports to the family. We also organize different kinds of social welfare activities with the vision to help autistic children integrate into society and live a happy and dignity life.Such activities include organizing volunteers to participate the caring activities towards the children who suffer from Autism; calling the society to pay more attention to Autism.


Meaning of “Qing Cong Quan”To understand the meaning of “Qing Cong Quan”, you can imagine that next to a green grassland, there is a crystal clear spring of living water. The living water can feed people with wisdom and life. In Chinese character, “Cong” consists of ear, mouth, heart, and two additional dots (which represents two eyes). The word means to improve the full dimension capability from listening, seeing, linguistic expression and spiritual feelings. Life is like a journey. Particular for the family with special child, life is like a marathon. When they walk by-passing “Qing Cong Quan”, they feel thirsty and tired. The green grassland, the crystal clear living water can feed them, and let them have a good rest, and they can then continue their life journey.


Ⅱ, Logo Song of the Center and Logo

In “Qing Cong Quan”, everybody can sing one song named “Sun over the Cloud”, and people have recognized it as the Song of the Center. The meaning of the song is that regardless of your life situation, whether it is smooth like in the high mountain, or it is difficult like in the gloomy glen. You can be rest assured that the Sun is always shinning over the cloud. Maybe sometimes there are raining, but rain will stop anyway and it will finally be sunny after the rain.


Chen Jie is the founder and general manager of Shanghai QingCongquan Training Center for Children with Special Needs. In October 2004, she founded Shanghai QingCongquan Training Center for Children with Special Needs with her own savings. She was shocked by the pain that Autism can bring to a family, and she was also touched by the never-give-up spirit of the parents. And she finally decides to devote herself to help those children who need help. She tried to take every opportunity to learn, study and research. She herself took the job of being the teacher. Since Autism was not widely known in China, Qing Cong Quan had a very difficult time. After getting through all the pains and bottlenecks such as finance resource, people, facility, legal status, Qing Cong Quan continues to grow like a baby tree, with the help and supports from a lot of people. Qing Cong Quan not only develops a full set of courses that suits the Chinese children who suffer from Autism, but also receives wide recognition from the society. It was ranked as 4-A level social organization in 2011. Apart from providing professional early-stage rehabilitation training, Qing Cong Quan also organizes different kinds of expert lecture, forum and social events that call people to pay more attention to Autism. Qing Cong Quan was also recognized as one of the top 10 commonweal projects in 2011. Chen Jie was recognized as the top 10 outstanding youths in Chang Ning district. Chen Jie shares all these honors with her team and a lot of people who have gave them a hand when they need. She commented that she only wishes to devote her very humble efforts to call for more people’s contribution, in order to provide a happy and respectful life to children who suffer from Autism. For that mission, Chen Jie and her team are continuing their devotion and hard working.



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