Director introduction

Unlike other earlier non-governmental infantile autism training institutions’ founders, Chen Jie, the founder and principal of Shanghai Qingcongquan Children"s Intelligence Training Centre, is not a mother of an infantile autism child.  She once worked in an UK authentication company and had a relaxed job, a happy family, a considerate husband and a clever and healthy daughter.  When she first time met infantile autism children in October 2004, she was shocked by the pain which was brought by the disease to their families and was impressed by their parents’ spirit of not giving up.  She then decided to do something with her own slender power for these children and their mothers.  This promise has been sustaining her to overcome various difficulties, go hither and thither and suffer the hard trudge.  As the general public was not quite familiar with infantile autism at that time, the establishment and operation process of Qingcongquan was once very difficult.  Chen Jie took out her own savings to set up this centre and suffered great financial and mental pressures.  In order to improve the academic level, Chen Jie had visited professional institutions in some developed countries and regions such as Japan, Qatar and Hong Kong for several times and tried to build up her own professional team.  Despite of fund shortage, she did her best to send teachers out to learn advanced experiences, invited specialists to give lectures and organized parents’ coomunication activities in Shanghai, bringing hope to the parents while teaching them special techniques.  Meanwhile, Chen Jie found it was far from enough to do these things all by herself. In order to let more caring people join in to help this special group, she continually called for help from the government, enterprises and public.  She has given lectures on topic of infantile autism for hundreds of times on different occasions, and finally obtained the public’s focus.  With around seven years’ hard work, Chen Jie and her team has overcame all sorts of difficulties such as shortage of fund, personnel, place, title and low social identity during the initial stage, moved the center to its new place located in Hami Road last September, and make the center as an professional and normative infantile autism training centre which wins several honors, such as the title of “National 4A Level Social Organization”.  Chen Jie herself also wins the honors of “Top-Ten Outstanding Youth of Changning District”, “Excellent Working Woman”, etc.  Chen Jie shares all these honors with her team and the support of the public.  She said that her dream, which is to let Chinese infantile autism children enjoy happy and dignify lives, is not yet achieved.  With this mission, Chen Jie and Qingcongquan will be working harder and harder all the time. 




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