Team Introduction

Mrs. Cao Hong Xia


Mrs. Cao worked in a big corporation. In 1999, her child was born. But the child was diagnosed as Autism at the age of 3, which was a terrible news to Mrs. Cao. Mrs. Cao has sturdily accepted such fact as a mother, and started to bring the child to try different schools, different doctors, not giving up a single opportunity that may give the child the chance for education. After going through many difficulties, she finally managed to send the child to normal school. The child has outstanding performance in music and arts, and has won quite a lot of awards in different competitions. Mrs. Cao also cares other families who suffer from same problem, and she has been active in participating different parents’ activities organized by Qing Cong Quan. Mrs. Cao shared with other parents her own experience, (not bothered by the pain of old memories) and strongly encourages them to face the life bravely. She also calls for more attention from the society towards the Autism children, in order to give them more supports and help.


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