Team Introduction

Mrs. Chen Jie

Mrs. Chen was a normal white collar, working in the sales department in a foreign company. She used to have good income and a happy family. Due to an occasional opportunity, she got to know Autism children which is a very special group of people. Being a mother as well, Mrs. Chen was deeply touched by the children and their parents, and she founded Shanghai QingCongquan Training Center for Children with Special Needs in October 2004, and thereafter she has set it as her mission to help the Autism Children and their families. She has encountered a lot of difficulties including finance, people, license, facility, etc, but she never gave up. She has been leading her team to confront the tough environment every day, struggling to help the Autism children to walk out of the difficulties, with a hope that one day there will be a better living environment. During the past 6 years, Qing Cong Quan has already provided one-on-one early-stage training to about 200 children. It helped some children with light symptom and some children who received early treatment to go to the normal school. And they are no longer diagnosed as Autism. The stories of Qing Cong Quan and Chen Jie are now known to the society. Many famous media have reported Qing Cong Quan story, and Mrs. Chen Jie has been recognized as “top 10 outstanding youth in Chang Ning district”, “top 10 woman social construction position in Chang Ning district”.

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