Team Introduction

Gao Xiaohua

Mr. Gao graduated from the department of Management, Shanghai Fu Dan University, and has more than 15 years of management experience in the securities industry. He joined Shanghai Yi Meng Software Technology Co. Ltd. in 2007, and now acts as the deputy general manager. He is mainly responsible for the corporate development strategy and CSR strategy & implementation. During the past 4 years, he persistently leads his team to pay a lot of attention to the Autism children. In 2007, the Yi Meng team has founded “Rainbow Foundation” together with “Western Development Foundation of Shaanxi Province”. In 2008 and 2009, they founded “Rainbow Foundation” together with “Shanghai Charity Foundation”. The objectives are to support the establishment of rehabilitation organizations for Autism children, and to support the training of teachers. In 2010, together with Shanghai Youth Foundation, they again founded “Yi-Meng Rainbow A-I Special Foundation”, which is to appraise the teachers who demonstrate caring and attention to the Autism children.


Professor Gao Hong Yun, Director of Psychology department, Shanghai Pediatric Hospital.

Professor Gao is good at the diagnose and treatment of children’s psychological and behavioral problems, including children solitary problem, psychological development problem, children mood hinder, psychological problem for children with chronicle disease, minimal brain dysfunction, and body pain and discomfort with unknown reasons. He was engaged in advanced studies in Shanghai Normal University (for Children Development Psychology) and Shanghai Mind Health Center (for Children Psychosis). In 1999, professor Gao was sent to Children Psychosis Department of Sloan-Kettering Cancer Memorial Hospital in New York, US, for advanced studies. Professor Gao has, in the national professional magazines, published more than 20 dissertations either by himself or jointly. He was responsible for important projects from Shanghai Natural Science Foundation, Health Bureau, and hospitals. He was also invited to be the Executive Chairman for the First Pan Asia Pacific International Youth Health Conference, which was held in HK.
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